Eccentric art forger Alfredo Martinez
Mass Appeal Magazine, Issue 39, April/May 2006
Muscle car madness in East Oakland
Mass Appeal Magazine, Issue 37, December/January 2006

Photo by Stephen K. Schuster

Maclean likes chopping wood, choppers and chop suey. Born and raised in Berkeley, California – a beautiful place, like a jungle – Maclean graduated from Berkeley High School and then went on to study journalism at the University of Oregon, where he acted bad at the club. In 2004, Maclean moved to New York City to intern at Brooklyn's Mass Appeal magazine and became editor-in-chief the following year, in addition to freelancing for Complex, King, Missbehave, Rides, Scratch and Vibe magazines. When he's able to intertwine the themes of crime, pushishment and folklore into the stories about public figures, it's a beautiful thing.